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Valentine’s Day Campaign

  • All prepaid and CnC subscribers are eligible for this limited time special offer
  • Subscribers of the data pack will get 512MB-2Day instantly
  • After subscription of the pack, subscriber will be able to gift 512MB bonus by writing VF<space>Friend’s BL number and sending it to 2500
  • Within 24hrs, 512MB bonus will be posted to the referred MSISDN with a validity of 2 days
  • The maximum time to refer someone is within the same calendar day of pack subscription
  • One subscriber can refer only one person once for the referred bonus against his/her data pack subscription each time.
  • Subscriber can refer him/herself also to get the referred data bonus
  • All validities are including the activation date
MD. Rasel Rana

MD. Rasel Rana

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