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Get a New Connection

Product Modality

  1. Connection price will be BDT 110.
  2. Customers activating their SIMs from the campaign start date would be enjoying following tariffs
    Traffic Type Default Tariff(24 Hours) Tariff Against First Recharge Of BDT 19 (24 Hours)
    On-net 1paisa/second 0.5 paisa/second
    Off-net 1paisa/second 1 paisa/second
    Validity Lifetime 90days
    1. After 90 days of recharging BDT 19, customer will again get 1paisa/second tariff.
    2. VAT and SD applicable on the above mentioned tariffs.
  3. Start-up customers would get following freebies
    1. BDT 10 pre-loaded amount in main account for any purpose usage with 90 days validity.
    2. 100 SMS to any operator with 90 days validity.
    3. 300MB 2G/3G data with 90 days validity
  4. 400 MB at 53 BDT recharge with 28days validity, OR, 1 GB at 77 BDT recharge with 30days validity (can recharge multiple times in the first 90 days after buying the connection)
MD. Rasel Rana

MD. Rasel Rana

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